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experience instant presence with holographic teleportation

be together, anywhere

Wherever you are, wherever they are

Forma's holographic meeting platform offers face-to-face remote meeting experiences.... these holographic meetings are much more natural than video conferencing and ridiculously more convenient than physically commuting.

Why Forma?

Teleport holographically with Forma Studio so you can instantly get together with coworkers wherever they are: at the office, in a remote location, at home or anywhere in between...

With our solution, remote teams can instantly communicate and collaborate face-to-face.

Our VISION is to empower anyone to be more present in their professional or personal lives, regardless of where they are in the world. By reducing unnecessary travel, holographic teleportation allows us to be together more often.

Teleport into the metaverse:

Forma rooms can be created easily

Create a Forma meeting room as you would with your favorite 2D video conference service Forma rooms can be created from a PC, a smartphone, or AR/VR head mounted display.

Stream your hologram instantly

Use 2 or more cameras around you to stream a real-time hologram of yourself into the Forma meeting room.

Participate with your favorite device

You can participate in holographic meetings with your smartphone, AR or VR HMD, 3D display, or computer

Telepresence at scale

Empowering everyone to participate in holographic meetings requires...

Easy Capture

Compatibility with a range of OTS
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Camera Calibration

Easy Distribution

Compatibility with a range of OTS
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Camera Calibration

Easy Viewing

Compatibility with a range of OTS
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H1 2023

H1 2023

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We’ve changed our name to Forma Vision.

We are eager to announce the next evolution of our company in our pursuit of being a world leader in live holographic video. In the same way the adoption of the telephone and television brought us the ability to hear and see each accross great distance, holographic video provides the ability to teleport any 3D object, person, or environment into your office, home, orreally anywhere with an internet connection.

Why change the name? Because Forma Vision better communicates how our service enhances remote collaboration by enabling our users to “see” (i.e. vision) the “form, shape, appearance” (i.e. forma) of authentic people or objects such that you feel as if in the same place together.